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Blog Privacy Policy

When you visit this blog, be sure of the fact that I do not share your personal information to third parties (at any cost), neither do I store it in my computer and use it or disclose it to anyone. By making use of cookies, all I want to do is to analyze the performance of my blog. But if you don't enjoy my site using cookies, there's an option in any of your Internet Browsers to turn it off. 

Comment Policy

I will always be welcoming your comments and compliments to my blog posts. I cordially welcome your creative criticisms in any of my posts. But I beg to sorry in advance if I come to delete your comments in my blog. If such is the case, you must have violated any of the following conditions: 
  1. Posting spams or questionable spams is prohibited. The link relevant to the post is permitted. But remember, only RELEVANT links will be published. 
  2. Posting comments with profanity, offensive language or concept is strictly prohibited. 
  3. Posting comments with personal attack is prohibited.
If you are commenting in this blog, hope you agree with this comment policy. Thank you so much for taking time to read this information.

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