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How to Convert PDF Files to Word Files without Using Any Software?

We get stuck at times, to convert PDF files to Microsoft Word document (.docx) files. In this video, I have shown step by by step how to convert PDF files to the word files, just within a minute! For this, all you need is a Google ID so that you could sign into [Google Drive]. Once you are signed in, upload the PDF file to be converted. There are a couple of ways to do this. You either upload using NEW button or just drag and drop the required PDF file.  If file uploading is completed, right click on the file and Choose open with... Google Docs option.  Let the file open completely. Then, click on the File Menu, and choose Download As... Microsoft Word (.docx). That's it! You have now saved your converted word file into your PC.  Thank you for going through my tutorial. If you like my effort, don't forget to like this video. Share it, and subscribe my channel for more innovative tech solutions!

How to Edit Blogger User Profile?

If you are a Blogger and use blogspot blog as your blogging platform, you may come across editing your Blogspot blogger user profile. Have you ever faced problem editing your blogger user profile? If yes, you are are the right place to resolve all that.  Watch the video I have prepared and follow the steps as I have shown. Pretty easy it is. First Method Sign into Blogger ( ) with your Google ID. Choose your blog and find Setting. Under Settings > Find User Settings Under General section > Find Blogger, and click on Edit link. Make changes as you desire! That's it! Second Method: Sign into Blogger.Com Just Use this link!  ... You will directly reach at blogger user profile. Thank you for taking time to go through the content I have prepared. If you like my effort, please hit like for my video on YouTube, share it and subscribe my channel for more innovative tech solutions.