Visit Amideva Buddha Park, Swamabhunath, Kathmandu in the Evening

I stroll around this place in the evening and feel differently refreshed. Visiting Buddha Park in the morning is commonplace. But if you are in Kathmandu, I recommend you to visit this place in the evening too. I am sure you're going to love this place. But be sure to check-in before 7:00 PM because it closes at 7. 

Place: Amideva Buddha Park, Swayambhunath, Kathmandu.
Date and time: April 20, 2018 [~7:00 PM Nepal Standard Time: GMT+5:45]

The Buddha Amideva Park compound is frequented by Buddhist pilgrims and it contains three enormous shining golden statues of Sakyamuni Buddha, a four-armed Chenresig and Guru Rinpoche. The park itself was constructed in 2003. 


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